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1 Reading digital literature from the point of view of literary genres and arts dialogue
Dr BADIR Mohamed, Université Abu Bekr Belkaid
2 The tolerance and greatness of Islam in light of the hadith of the Prophet (PBUH) “Religion is easy”
Dr. Abderahmane Said Said Abde Alghaffar Balah
3 The Indications of the Palestinian places and landmarks in the epic of the lost paradise by John Milton
Mourad Zeer, Centre Kanaan pour les études et les Services de Musée
4 Suggestions of the rhetorical and symbolic image in children’s poetry: The collection of “Songs of Knowledge and Hope” by the poet Nasser Maamache as a model
Dr. Layadi Ahmed, Université Abderrahmane Mira
5 The possibility of integrating e-learning and its impact on the quality of university education, A field study at Al-Zawia University
Dr. Yassin Abousariwel, Université de Al-Zawia
Dr. Ibrahim Fethi Imbarek, Université Al-ZawiaDr. Fayçal Taher Alkayekh, Université Al-Zawia
6 The state budget, a reading of the Algerian public budget 2020
Merini Benalia, Direction des Œuvres Universitaires de Djelfa
7 Nurses conditions in Algeria under the COVID pandemic
Dr. Ben Belgacem Imen Sabra, Université Ziane Achour
Dr. Ben Belgacem Farah Fadwa, Université Internationale Islamique de Malysia
8 The economic causes and effects of irregular migration and the mechanisms to address it
Dr. Ahmed Mebkhouta, Université Ahmed Ben Yahia El Wancharissi
Dr. Kuider Bourgba, Université Ziane Achour
Dr. Kamel Raache, Université Ziane Achour
9 Analysis of Curricula and Courses Arabic Language: A field study conducted on students and professors of the Arabic Language Department in the College of Science and Education in Aqrah, University of Duhok
Dr. Abderzzak Mahmoud Ibrahim, Université de Duhok
Dr. Manal Salaheddine Aziz, Université de Duhok
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